We help you hire in countries where you do not have a legal entity. no matter where you are.


Faster and more cost effective than oppening a legal entity.

Taxes and Benefits

Manage workforce taxes and benefits in compliance with local laws.

Compliance is our top priority


Contracts comply with local labor laws.


We facilitate a smooth transition for new employees, fostering engagement and productivity and ensuring alignment with organizational goals and culture.


Manage workforce taxes and benefits in compliance with local laws.

Compliance is our top priority


For Mexican professionals who wish to close deals with clients in the United States.

What do our clients say?


Hire anyone without opening an entity in every country you wish to hire

Contracts in line with local law, fast an cost effective

We take care of payroll, taxes, social security and benefits

Aves the global talent pool

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C O N T R A C T O R S For adaptable and scalable projects. Contractors is a service portfolio created for companies looking to build professional teams as quickly as projects are closed in the international sphere. Contact If you are a company closing deals internationally and seeking


Para profesionistas mexicanos que desean cerrar negocios con clientes en Estados Unidos.

What are the advantages of hiring in LATAM?

A few decades ago, the so-called brain drain was a common phenomenon among Hispanic professionals who had the chance to study at the best universities in the world; Once their academic preparation was over, they preferred to reside permanently in the cities that welcomed them. However, the story of top-tier

The world is your talent pool

The intellectual development that Latin America presents is an opportunity for top-level companies in the United States that seek to increase their horizons in terms of budget and cultural enrichment. At the same time, Latin talent seeks the experience that top-tier companies can offer, creating a productive environment for both

Managers within the remote era

At Core, we know that being a leader in a remote environment can be a transition stage where you discover new ways to lead a team.

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