For adaptable and scalable projects. Contractors is a service portfolio created for companies looking to build professional teams as quickly as projects are closed in the international sphere.

If you are a company closing deals internationally and seeking to structure reliable teams with a track record of success, this service is for you.

 Contractors allows you to manage payments in a unified way, legal support, onboarding, and administrative agility throughout Latin America with on-site personnel that will provide greater security to your operations.


Managing all your international personnel on a single platform will not only help you save time and budget but also has the following advantages:

  1. Unified Management: Manage all your contractors with us, simplifying the onboarding process, contract management, and payments.
  2. Legal: Our service ensures that contracts and payments comply with local laws, mitigating legal risks and ensuring transparent operations.
  3. Simplified Payments: Paying in local currencies with a single invoice facilitates financial administration.
  4. Decrease Administrative Tasks: Minimize administrative work through compliant local contracts, automated billing, and payments.

Our process is simple and fast.

1. Service Provider Onboarding

Time: 1 day
  • The client registers and provides information to Core Resources about the company and hiring details.
  • Client information is verified and approved.
  • Service contracts are drafted and sent for signature.

2. Client Onboarding

Time: 1 day
  • Basic client information is recorded in another country, including banking information.
  • Necessary documents are prepared (service specifications, tax forms, among others).
  • Client information is verified and approved. Service contracts are drafted and sent for signature.

3. Invoicing

Time: 1 day
  • The service provider sends an invoice to Core for services rendered in each agreed-upon payment period.
  • The invoice is reviewed and approved.
  • Core Resources sends the invoice to the client in another country.

4. Payment Approval and Transaction

Time: 1 day
  • The client approves the invoice and transfers funds to Core. Core processes the payment and transfers the money to the service provider.





You are one step away from formalizing your international deals.





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