The World is Your Talent Pool

Ten years of experience and more than 450 companies with which we have collaborated have left a couple of reflections and anecdotes to share. But within all this path, what have been the constants? The answer is directed at a personal level and refers to the profile that drives the companies that contract the services of Core Resources.

Since little, I have liked adrenaline; my free time is dedicated to sports I am passionate about, such as hockey, snowboarding, or tennis. On a personal level, I consider myself somewhat of an introvert, but within the business world, a part of me is empowered by the opportunities that the world offers; I know no limits when it comes to global business.

Core Resources has been a medium that has allowed me to build and give my best so that more and more people can find answers for their international business growth. To my surprise, most people who approach us to hire our services have this constant: they think globally and with no limits. We’ve created a fearless community, risk-taking, and who love making business: the Coremmunity.

For a business to grow exponentially, talent has to grow at the same rate, including anticipating the upcoming needs that the business structure will require. At this point, the Coremmunity grows, and the second constant appears. Our clients look up to us when they are in this phase: growth, on a personal or business level.

Nowadays, it is increasingly easier to find suitable talent. The efforts are focused on the tax, legal, and payment areas that have the power to paralyze the entire business. Ten years ago, at the beginning of Core Resources, formerly called Toil Consulting, for a company to cross borders and hire international talent massively, it had to create a legal figure in the country where it had an economic activity or hired talent. Today this is no longer necessary, thanks to our Employer of Record services; creating ostentatious administrative structures for these reasons became obsolete. Nowadays, international growth and hiring are solved in a few days without spending a large budget.

Now, the third constant, I think, is the most important one. Each person who has approached Core Resources is looking for an ally they can trust. When you grow exponentially and cross borders, culture, legal, and tax systems change radically, so mastering these areas is essential. But above all, having a team with which you can dialogue sincerely and undoubtedly has been the most significant and crucial constant we have found on this path.

Within the Coremmunity, we are people who are not afraid of taking risks. Doing global business is a day-to-day topic, but above all, we know that great goals are achieved as a team, one you can trust.

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The world is your talent pool

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