Managers Within The Remote Era

It was early 2020 when the «we will switch to work-at-home policies until further notice» email reached many companies worldwide. Today, in 2023, the data on remote work is precise; both, companies and workers, have experienced the opportunities to focus on what remote job offers and the balance between our work and personal areas.


According to data published by Owl Labs, 62% of workers in the United States feel more productive working remotely, 1 out of 2 workers (52%) would accept a salary reduction of 5% or more to have flexibility in the workplace, and 23% said they would take a pay cut of 10% or more.


The numbers are incredibly flattering to the benefits of mastering remote work policies for companies. However, there seem to be some discrepancies regarding how productivity is perceived between managers and employees.


A survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that managers tend to perceive a reduction in the productivity of their employees; this is because of the decrease in communication once remote work begins, so the reduction influences their perspective on interaction. However, most workers point out that their productivity increases without interruptions between tasks.


At Core, we know that being a leader in a remote environment can be a transition stage where you discover new ways to lead a team. For this reason, I have prepared this list so that you can take into account if you are also conducting a remote team or are about to do so:

1. Work over objectives, not for time

When leading a remote job, you must be more precise than ever about the daily, weekly, and monthly objectives and goals. A highly motivated team will look to complete tasks in time and form and beat deadlines to make the most of their day. While many will take more time out of the day to complete, by the time you hit the calendar, you will feel gratified by the extra time in your day.

2. A meeting that could have been an email

As managers, we know that meetings are essential to keep a team on the same page, but abusing this resource can be exhausting and demotivating for the team. In general, professions carried out remotely require focus for workers, so constantly interrupted by meeting requests lowers their productivity levels. Try to be agile and specific with the sessions you schedule for your team.

3. Technology

Keeping the team with the right technology to do their job is essential. The same one that allows you to have quality virtual sessions and be able to communicate efficiently with your coworkers.

4. Annual congresses

Although virtual work can meet the company’s needs, attending annual face-to-face conferences with the entire team is a way to create and strengthen bonds between groups. Considering this possibility among budgets, a grateful team will be willing to invest in a business trip if it can bring benefits in the medium or long term.

5. Assertive communication

Instruct your team in the appropriate communication channels, as well as the forms of assertive dialogue. In remote teams, the discrepancy in cultures and misunderstandings can be the order of the day, so collaborators must be aware of the limits and means of their communication.

Most workers find great personal benefits in meeting objectives ahead of time, so much of the manager’s activity has ceased to be «motivating the team» and is now more focused than ever on «guiding» to accomplish the goals established.


Leading remote work teams is a new world with no pretense of work and only focusing on results. At Core Resources, we know the culture of each country, so we are delighted to be able to help more and more companies in their hiring process throughout Latin America.

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