What do you need to hire a team internationally?

The demand for personnel outside their territory of origin is becoming a typical process within top-tier companies. Why? Innovation needs outstanding knowledge, and talent knows no borders.


Companies with an exponential growth capacity come to have a massive demand for professionals from one month to the next. Finding qualified personnel is relatively easy due to many forums and spaces where hundreds of resumes are available for any area. The challenging task comes when it is necessary to move to the legal and financial field to hire talent. At this point, the term Employer of Record starts to make sense.


When a company expects to hire personnel outside the borders where it is legally and tax-constituted, an odyssey begins. I previously mentioned that talent knows no boundaries, yet, the various Tax Administration systems do know, which is why companies that choose to hire talent internationally should consider the following points in each country where they find the right talent:


  • Have a local legal figure
  • Paying taxes
  • Regulation Updates
  • Know the culture of the site
  • Legal direction
  • Contract signing
  • Payment automation platforms


Fulfilling each of the requirements above is a task that can take months, even years. For companies with a demand for talent from one month to another, it is a synonym of big headaches and investment of large budgets to maintain the structures that take charge of this management. In this situation, the most viable thing is to delegate this activity to a third entity that acts as a strategic ally.


Employer of Record (EOR) companies, such as Core Resources, are born due to the demand for large amounts of talent hiring that more and more companies have outside their borders of origin. Under the services of these third-party entities, companies don’t need to create a legal figure in each country where they hire talent since EOR companies act as their legal and local tax representation and are responsible for automating the payment of their employees.


EOR services are:


  • Business compliance
  • Employee taxes and benefits
  • Legal figure representation
  • Onboarding


Once the hiring process finishes, the workers go to the coordination of the company’s internal personnel for which they got recruited.


So now you know, if you are in the international hiring process, the most feasible way to go once the talent is found is to create an alliance with an EOR company that facilitates and speeds up your recruitment process worldwide.

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